Villa Rica High School Media Center

Updates and How-Tos

Overdue materials? Overdue library books (from VRHS and from middle schools as well as other high schools) should be returned as soon as possible to clear your account for next school year. Books should be returned at the Circulation Desk.  You will not be able to check out another book until you take care of any outstanding debts.  If you have lost the books, you will need to pay for them.  Our taxpayers provide this service for you, so thank them by being responsible. If you are a Freshman, you can bring your overdue middle school books to our media center.  Your books will be returned to  your middle school and your account cleared. As always, if you feel that an overdue notice is in error, please talk with the media specialist.

Chromebooks and matching chargers are checked out through the media center and you need a signed permission form to check them out.  We have forms available, as well as the front office and guidance suite. Please remember: You are responsible for any damage or loss of chromebooks. Lost chargers are $20; broken screens cost $50 to repair; and lost keys cost $40 because this requires replacement of the entire keyboard. If your chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, you must pay the replacement fee of $250. Please be responsible in taking care of chromebooks and chargers - these are very important for the completion of your schoolwork.  

Students: Having trouble logging into your Google account or Infinite Campus?  Send an email (preferably with a screenshot) and let me know if you need either your Google account password or your Infinite Campus password reset.  I can also enable IC accounts that have been disabled. For problems accessing Google Classroom, you will need to email your teacher.


    Parents: Click this Infinite Campus link for setting up a Parent Portal IC account.  If you already have an account but need assistance, you can send an email to me, and I will do my best to troubleshoot the issue.


    There are some wonderful links posted below to help you with your digital learning days, do research, learn a new language and just for fun.  Check them out!

    VRHS Media Center

    Media Specialist: Beth Robinson

    Contact Information: 770-459-5185, ext. 2712

    Email address:

    Welcome to your VRHS Media Center! 


    We are looking forward to a wonderful school year at VRHS. The Media Center is one of the largest classrooms in the school, and students are constantly working on various research projects and assignments.

    In order to make everyone's visit an enjoyable one, there are a few expectations and procedures for you to be familiar with:

    • As per school policy, passes are required if you are coming from a classroom. Please give your pass to the media specialist. 
    • Always show respect and courtesy to others. Be patient and polite.  You're very important to us, but so is the person ahead of you.
    • Use a low voice whenever you're in the library, even when you're just walking across to get to the computer lab. There are online students in the library working each period on assignments, and they need to be able to focus on their work.
    • Remember: the library is a quiet zone where we show respect for each other.
    • You can have snacks, but not meals.  Chewing gum is okay if you don't leave it with us.
    • Cell phones may be used, but not for calls. Please make phone calls in the hallway to avoid disrupting the concentration of other patrons.
    • Remember, the Media Center functions as the largest classroom in the school.  We follow the Student Handbook Guidelines, the Carroll County Code of Conduct and the Dress Code. 

    Thanks so much for helping us create an environment conducive to learning, working, relaxing, and Reading!

    VRHS Students are the best!


    Destiny Discover will not only show the books in our media center but also relevant websites for your research! When you do a search for a topic, click on the Websites tab for teacher-approved content.
    Villa Rica Public Library

    Click on the Villa Rica Public Library

    picture to view upcoming Teen Events.

    Helpful Links for your Research


    ABC LingoLITE
    ABC LingoLITE

    ABC Lingo LITE is an image and video-based foreign language learning tool for 260 of the most basic words and terms in 30 languages. Users may select from any of 30 interface languages. If you would like access to this website away from school, please use wildcats as your library card log-in.


    Use this link to lookup books and find digital resources to help in your research.

    Fantastic Fiction

    Fantastic Fiction

    Want to know something about your favorite author? Just looking for a good book? Want to know when new books will be released? Need to know the next book in a series? Then this website is the one for you!

    Georgia Library Learning Online

    Use this link to help you find information for your research topic.  Your teacher will definitely approve! You may need a password - ask your teacher or librarian for the current one since it will change every six months.

    Georgia PINES Library search
    GA PINES Catalog

    Use this link to find a book at your local library.  When searching, use the dropdown menu to look for the West Georgia Regional Library system. This is where you can limit your search to local libraries, such as the Villa Rica Public Library.



    Homework Help

    Homework Help

    Free resources to help you review all your favorite subjects. And some of your least favorite, too.

    Over 100,000 Courses, Test Prep Resources, and Learning Guides, armed with gallons of academic WD-40 to make learning easy and fun.

    Lexile website

    Use this link to find books based on your Lexile level.

    MLA information

    For starters, the best website to go to for any MLA questions is the OWL at Purdue.  You can find them HERE

    THIS MLA website is hosted by Williams College Libraries.  If you scroll down, you will find several tables that explain how to cite your sources in a very clear way.

    THIS site from the University of Washington not only has great MLA games, it has specific games for each type of citation - APA and MLA Citation Game Home Page.

    Popular Books
    Good Reads

    Wonderful website for book lovers!

    Epic Reads

    Another wonderful website for book lovers!


    Primary Sources
         Primary Sources

         The Library of Congress is a great resource for primary sources for your research project / paper.

         Primary Sources

    Another wonderful resource for primary sources.

    Reading Survey
    Reading Survey

    Please click the link to take our VRHS online reading survey.

    Villa Rica Public Library
    Villa Rica Public Library information

    Click on this link to find out where your local public library is located and the hours when you can visit. 

    Vocabulary Mastery

    This website is free for students.  Need to learn some new vocabulary words for a book you're reading in class?  Search the Vocabulary Lists to see if your book is already there.  Need to learn some new vocabulary for a class?  Create your own list. Once you have your word lists, then you're ready to compete in online games with yourself and other students.