Key Club

Meg Hart, Staff Sponsor

Jillian Brimer, Staff Sponsor

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Meeting Dates

Mark Your Calendars! All meetings will be in the morning and the afternoon on these dates. Morning meetings will be in Mrs. Brimer's room (be sure to grab a pass ahead of time so you can get into the building), and afternoon meetings will be in Mrs. Hart's room. You must attend at least six of these eight dates to qualify for cords and years of Key Club service.  The 8/23 meeting will be an informational meeting and OPEN TO ANYONE who might be interested in joining. So bring a friend!

Meeting Dates for Key Club:
02/28 24
03/27/24   Senior Hours Are DUE
04/24 24

***Key Club only accepts hours for Key Club Events. As such, the required number of service hours are lower as compared to other clubs. Key Club members must acquire TEN qualifying hours in a year.***