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Career Connections

Teachers from the Villa Rica and Temple clusters attended manufacturing day to learn more about high-tech, high-wage jobs in Carroll County. This tour is a wonderful opportunity for our teachers to experience high-tech, high-wage jobs in the manufacturing industry as well as hear from human resources managers regarding qualifications and soft skills needed to be employed in these important jobs.

Did you know?  Work-Based Learning has a new name!  It has changed to: Career Connections.



To view Work-Based Learning students in action, click on the link.  


Any Junior that would like to be in Career Connections / Work-Based Learning next year. Will need to meet with Coach Long in the Career Center before end of the school year.


Click on this link for the Career Connections Information for Juniors.



1. Fill out paper applications neatly in ink

2. Dress for success any time you go in to a business to look for a job* khakis, black pants, collared shirt are always good for entry level jobs

3. GO ALONE---If parents take you they should stay in the car

4. SMILE-firm handshake-ask to speak to the manager

5. Make sure to have appropriate emails, passwords and logins-the business can often see your password & if it should be very general like john123

6. Change your cell phone greeting and clean out your cell phone mailbox-no silly greetings when looking for a job.

7. Arrive 10 minutes early for any interview

8. No negative comments about your past employer or school

9. Have hours that you can work written down

10. Turn cell phone volume off or leave in car for interview

11. No gum

12. Sit up and pay attention at all times

13. Make sure you look clean and neat-trim & clean fingernails, hair, beard

14. Call back in 2 days and let them know that you REALLY want the job

15. It is ALWAYS good have a short resume, cover letter, and references. Email for sample job documents.