Work Based Learning

Daniel Jackson, President and CEO of Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and Carroll Tomorrow was the guest speaker.
The Carroll County College and Career Academy sponsored a Work Based Learning Employee Appreciation Breakfast at Tabernacle Baptist Church on Friday, April 21, 2017. Please see the attached press release to learn more.

April 13, 2017

A new Bojangle's is opening in Temple. The following jobs are available for students:

1. Jobs for students who have at least 7th period free and can be at work by 3:00. The shift is 3:00-10:30. You would not have to work every night of the week, but probably multiple days.

2. Jobs available for some students that may not have 7th period free but that would be willing to work Saturday AND Sunday.

How to Apply:

Go to Bojangles' VILLA RICA. Take a sheet of paper with your name and phone number NEATLY written down. Ask for Alicia Morris or if she is not there, ask for someone to give the information to her.

Also, students can go to SNAG A JOB to apply as well, but should also go into the store and give their name and number too.

Students that have worked at the VR Bojangles' have had a GREAT experience there.



May 4, 2017

Dairy Queen-Carrollton is hiring teens. They will hire 15- year-olds to work in the dining room and have flexible hours for summer. School shifts are 5-close and weekends.

You should go IN to Dairy Queen and be prepared to fill out an application and possibly interview on the spot. It is best not to go during the lunch and dinner rush, and the 30-45 minutes after school lets out is busy as well.



May 5, 2017


1. SONIC--VR--Go online and complete the application. Then go by the restaurant in person to let them know that you filled out online application. Busy times; 2-4 and 8-10 pm. Do not go and ask to speak to the manager during those times. Must be 16 to apply. Hiring a few good workers now.

2. CHICK-FIL-A-VR-They are always taking applications; however, they get HUNDREDS each year. It is suggested that in order to get noticed that you complete a resume, cover letter, & references, & ask them if you can attach that to the application. Job documents will help to get you noticed. Must be 15 to apply.

3. KFC TACO BELL-VR-They have open interviews at 6:00 pm every Monday. The manager is Tiwanna Williams. It is suggested that you fill out the online application before you go in for an interview. Hiring now.

4. KRYSTAL-VR-Fill out the online application at Call or come by to see Ms. Gloria Artis, manager to discuss and interview. Do not call or come by between 11-2 and 5-8 due to the rush hours. Must be 16 to apply. Will hire good workers.

5. McDonald's Temple & Mirror Lake-Fill out the online application. Call and ask to speak to the manager about an interview. Do not call between 7-8:30, 11-2 or 5-8 during rush hours. Hiring a few good workers now.

6. Zaxby's VR--Bremen Carollton Bankhead and Carrollton near Target- Fill out paper application----(Ms. Morris will have these outside WBL office on Monday, May 8th). Once completed either scan or take a VERY GOOD cell phone photo of each page and email to . She is the district manager and does all interviews. If you are WBL make sure to include availability. Must be 16. Hiring now.

7. Taco Bell Carrollton-Bankhead-Go to to fill out online application. Call store to set up an interview. Do not call or come by between 11-2 and 5-8 due to the rush hours. Must be 16. Hiring now

8. Dairy Queen-Carrollton- Go in to store to fill out and application. Be prepared to let them know hours you can work when you go in. They have summer hours for students, but the shift is 5-close a couple of days during the week when school starts back. They can hire 15 year olds to work in the dining room.

9. American Electric and Remodeling-- GRADUATING SENIORS 18 YEARS OLD-Contact:-Electrical Apprentice working on Commercial Buildings-WILL have a background check due to working on Air Force Bases. Some travel may be required. $10.00 an hour staring pay. 850-227-5960-- James Tracey

10. RA-Lin Construction-- GRADUATING SENIORS 18 YEARS OLD-Contact Mrs. Morris in the WBL office to see if you may qualify to apply for this position. $14.00 per hour starting pay. Students cannot be recommended that have excessive tardy, absence or disciplinary issues.


1. Fill out paper applications neatly in ink

2. Dress for success any time you go in to a business to look for a job* khakis, black pants, collared shirt are always good for entry level jobs

3. GO ALONE---If parents take you they should stay in the car

4. SMILE-firm handshake-ask to speak to the manager

5. Make sure to have appropriate emails, passwords and logins-the business can often see your password & if it should be very general like john123

6. Change your cell phone greeting and clean out your cell phone mailbox-no silly greetings when looking for a job.

7. Arrive 10 minutes early for any interview

8. No negative comments about your past employer or school

9. Have hours that you can work written down

10. Turn cell phone volume off or leave in car for interview

11. No gum

12. Sit up and pay attention at all times

13. Make sure you look clean and neat-trim & clean fingernails, hair, beard

14. Call back in 2 days and let them know that you REALLY want the job

15. It is ALWAYS good have a short resume, cover letter, and references. Email for sample job documents.



There will be a spring plant tour THURSDAY, MAY 11th for potential hires for August for Work Based Learning students who want to work at Sugar Foods. You can sign up to go in the Media Center and pick up an application form, which needs to be returned by Wednesday to Mrs. Morris.