Student Dress Code

The purpose of a dress code is not to inhibit any person's taste in attire, but rather to better facilitate the process of education through reasonable guidelines of "dress." Instilling dignity, pride, modesty, and cleanliness are our goals.

The principal has the authority to determine appropriate dress.

Violation of Dress Code is deemed inappropriate school behavior and is a Level One Offense in the Code of Conduct - #18.

Acceptable Clothing Standards

The following acceptable clothing standards shall apply:

1. Pants, trousers, jeans, capris, etc. are permitted. Plain jeans may be worn in any color.

2. All pants, trousers, jeans, capris, etc. must be worn at the waist. Belts shall be worn securely at the waist.

3. Shorts, skirts, and dresses shall measure no shorter than three (3) inches from mid-kneecap.

4. Shirts shall have a sleeve and shall fit properly. Shirts that do not fit properly shall be worn tucked in.

Prohibited Clothing Items

1. See-through or mesh clothing

2. Garments that expose the midriff and/or cleavage.

3. Halter tops, tank tops, and sleeveless shirts.

4. Tennis, gym, biking, short shorts, leggings, lounging pants, pajamas

5. Garments that expose underclothing or impede walking

6. Garments that are poorly fitted, oversized, excessively tight, or extremely baggy.

7. Holes and/or frays in fabric. 

8. Hats, visors, hoods, or other head garments including non-prescription sunglasses inside the school building.

9. Cleats, and/or heelies inside any school building; bedroom slippers, and/or novelty footwear deemed inappropriate by the principal.

10. Garments which display emblems relating to abusive substances, tobacco products, alcohol, sex, violence, or obscenities.

11. Garments that might be considered socially unacceptable or inflammatory.

12. Any emblem, sign, or representation of a gang symbol, or any garment indicating a gang affiliation.


Dress Code Clarifications:
Tights / Leggings: Shirts over tights and leggings must be mid-thigh all the way around, front and back

Holes in clothing: any holes in clothing above the knee must be covered with tights / shorts - no flesh showing

Hats / Hoodies: No hats or hoodies may be worn in the building, including hallways

Sagging pants: no sagging, including hallways

Warnings will be issued first, then office referrals.