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View 2018-19 VR Chip Recognition
2018-19 VR Chip Recognition

Villa Rica High School continues its VR Chip Recognition program. View the pictures to read about each award.

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View 2019 - AP Literature Test Prep
2019 - AP Literature Test Prep

May 7, 2019 Today, AP Literature students "chalked" the campus with quotes, symbols, and themes from the works they've read this year. This activity will serve as a great reminder for their exam tomorrow. Best of luck to all of our testers!!

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View 2019 - AP World History Test Prep
2019 - AP World History Test Prep

May 2019 May 2019 Ms. Patterson’s AP World History students are had at work getting ready for their AP test. Earlier last week students participated in a March Madness writing activity to get ready for the intensive writing sections they will have to complete during their test. Students practiced writing a thesis and competed against each other until one final thesis prompt was deemed the winner!

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View 2019 - EOC Test Prep
2019 - EOC Test Prep

April 26, 2019 Students in Mrs. Mullis’s class reviewed for the milestone today doing “EOC Prompt speed dating!” Students rotated around the room reading different prompts to decide what type of writing it asked for, and wrote thesis statements for each prompt. They only had a few minutes to complete each prompt, so they had to work fast!

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View 2019 - EOC Test Prep
2019 - EOC Test Prep

April 16, 2019 This week, American literature students prepped for their upcoming EOC with an escape room game. Congrats to the students who successfully escaped!

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View 2019 - Forensics - Extracting DNA
2019 - Forensics - Extracting DNA

January 2019 We are now studying DNA in forensics. Forensic scientist believe that the development of DNA fingerprinting by Sir Jeffreys is one of the most important tools in linking biological evidence to a single individual. In lab, the students had to extract DNA from strawberries and discuss the technological importance of this method.

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View 2019 - Freshmen Life Summit
2019 - Freshmen Life Summit

March 22, 2019 Villa Rica High School hosted a Life Summit for the 9th grade students on Friday March 22nd. In order to participate students had to meet academic, behavior and attendance criteria during the month of February. Special thanks goes to Mrs. Temeika Cheely in Community In Schools, Aspiring Through Perseverance, The National Honors Society, The National Guard, Moes of Villa Rica, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. for making it possible. Also thank you to Mr. Fabian Thorne and Mr. Marion Pugh for coming out to share a few positive words with our students. #weareVR #committedtochanginglives

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View 2019 - ISDS State Ceremony
2019 - ISDS State Ceremony

April 25, 2019 Attached are a few photos from the ISDS State Awards Ceremony this Tuesday, 4/23. ISDS (International Skills Diploma Seal) is a program that students can undertake starting their sophomore year. Students gain cultural awareness and appreciation, global communication skills, and an appreciation of their own culture through cultural experiences, internationally focused service hours, and a capstone project their senior year. We brought in judges from Carroll County (including professors from West Georgia) to evaluate the capstone projects of our seniors. The top scoring student (based on knowledge of their country of research, thoroughness, creativity and overall presentation) was awarded the title of ISDS Star Student and was able to go to Atlanta for the awards ceremony.

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View 2019 - Water Warriors!
2019 - Water Warriors!

May 2019 Mrs. Miles' AP Environmental science class visited the Chattahoochie River Keeper's Floating Classroom to investigate water quality issues. A great time was had by all, and a new generation of Water Warriors were born!

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View 2019- Cat Dissection - Mrs. Young's Class
2019- Cat Dissection - Mrs. Young's Class

May 3, 2019 We just finished up our cat dissections. The anatomy class had to use these cats for 2 weeks to review for their final. They went through each layer to revisit each system that we have covered this year. They did very well!

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View 2019-20 American Lit Studies The Crucible
2019-20 American Lit Studies The Crucible

September 16, 2019 American literature students participated in a dramatic reading of The Crucible. The play allows students to explore the topics of truth and lies, courage, vengeance, and other struggles teens can relate to easily. Thanks to all students who volunteered to read and bring the script to life!

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View 2019-20 AP Lang Group Essays
2019-20 AP Lang Group Essays

September 2019 My AP Lang classes are working on group essays today. Yesterday, they wrote body paragraphs independently; today they discussed their paragraphs, revised, edited, and decided how to integrate them into one cohesive essay. They also worked on composing introductory paragraphs together. Overall, it was a success!

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View 2019-20 AP Lit Class - Bring Your Own Book
2019-20 AP Lit Class - Bring Your Own Book

August 14, 2019 Students in Mrs. Tucker's AP literature classes reviewed their summer reads with the game Bring Your Own Book. They enjoyed flipping back through their novels while also prepping for assignments coming later this week.

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View 2019-20 Autopsy of an Empire
2019-20 Autopsy of an Empire

September 2019 Ms. Patterson's AP World History students completed their Autopsy of an Empire projects this week. Students were assigned a particular Classical Empire and created a life-sized autopsy report to show their rise and decline. This years posters were both unique and beautiful! Posters are on the 600 Hall for anyone wanting to view the amazing work created by our AP students.

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View VRHS Media Center
VRHS Media Center

Come by to read, research, and relax in your VRHS Media Center.

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