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ABC Lingo LITE is an image and video-based foreign language learning tool for 260 of the most basic words and terms in 30 languages. Users may select from any of 30 interface languages.

If you would like access to this website away from school, please check with a teacher or the media specialist for the remote log-in information.

ABC Maps Online
ABC Maps Online

Maps have fascinated us for thousands of years.  They help us know where we've been, where we are, and where we're going.  They provide a visual glimpse of our world, enhancing understanding. ABC Maps Online is the world's largest collection of royalty-free, downloadable maps for K-12 schools. 

 If you would like access to this website away from school, please check with a teacher or the media specialist for the remote log-in information.

ABC World Culture
ABC World Culture

The world at your fingertips! ABC World Culture is an online database of information about the culture, language, history, food, religion and much more, for 175 countries.


If you would like access to this website away from school, please check with a teacher or the media specialist for the remote log-in information.

ABC World Food
ABC World Food

Learn World Culture Through Food

People have been connecting with other cultures through food for thousands of years. Knowledge of local food and food culture is a fun, exciting, and essential ingredient in understanding people of another country.


If you would like access to this website away from school, please check with a teacher or the media specialist for the remote log-in information.

Cool Book Trailers
Book Trailers

Go to this website to view book trailers on popular teen books.

How to Make a Book Trailer

Need some help in making your book trailer?  Check this website out.


Use this link to lookup books and see digital resources to help in your research.


Use this link to go to the Destiny Quest part of Destiny, where you can look up books and find helpful Resource Lists.

Fantastic Fiction
Fantastic Fiction

Want to know something about your favorite author?

Just looking for a good book?

Want to know when new books will be released?

Need to know the next book in a series?

Then this website is the one for you!

Georgia Library Learning Online

Use this link to help you find information for your research topic.  Your teacher will definitely approve! You may need a password - ask your teacher or librarian for the current one since it will change every six months.

Georgia PINES Library search
GA PINES Catalog

Use this link to find a book at your local library.  When searching, use the dropdown menu to look for the West Georgia Regional Library system. This is where you can limit your search to local libraries, such as the Villa Rica Public Library.

Great American Read
Great American Read

PBS will present The Great American Read starting on May 22nd. The following information about this exciting new show is from the PBS website:

THE GREAT AMERICAN READ is an eight-part television and online series designed to spark a national conversation about reading and the books that have inspired, moved, and shaped us. The series will engage audiences with a list of 100 diverse books. Audiences are encouraged to read the books, vote from the list of 100, and share their personal connections to the titles.

THE GREAT AMERICAN READ premieres Tuesday, May 22 at 8/7c on PBS stations with a launch special, kicking off a summer of reading and voting. Then in the fall, seven new episodes of the series will air as the quest to find America’s most beloved book moves into high gear. Episodes from the series will feature appearances by celebrities, athletes, experts, authors, and everyday Americans advocating for their favorite book.

Homework Help
Homework Help

Over 100,000 Courses, Test Prep Resources, and Learning Guides, armed with gallons of academic WD-40 to make learning easy and fun.

Lexile website

Use this link to find books based on your Lexile level.

MLA information
How to master MLA format

Welcome to your MLA resource.  MLA can be a tricky thing, but once you master it, you should be able to handle it just fine.  Until, of course, they decide to change some of the rules and then you've got to learn something new.  Or, until you go to college and end up having to use APA, but that's a whole other can worry about that later.  As for now, hopefully you can find the answers and guidance you need for your MLA formatting problems.  Enjoy!!!


For starters, the best website to go to for any MLA questions is the OWL at Purdue.  You can find them HERE.


Click HERE for an MLA interactive tutorial.


Click HERE for another MLA interactive tutorial - this one is excellent and highly recommended!


THIS MLA website is hosted by Williams College Libraries.  If you scroll down, you will find several tables that explain how to cite your sources in a very clear way.


THIS is a game from Williams College Libraries called MLA Master Blaster which helps you properly format your MLA citations.  Have fun and learn at the same time!


Here's another fun game while learning how to put your citations together.  THIS is Citation Tic-Tac-Toe from James Madison University.


THIS site from the University of Washington not only has great MLA games, it has specific games for each type of citation - check it out and you'll see what I mean.


Popular Books
Good Reads

Wonderful website for book lovers!

Epic Reads

Another wonderful website for book lovers!

Free Books Online

Search the latest index of the world's books. Find millions of great books you can preview or read for free on Google Books.

If you need a classic novel, it's probably here.

Primary Sources
Primary Sources

A great resource for primary sources for your research project / paper.

Primary Sources

Another wonderful resource for primary sources.

Reading Survey
Reading Survey

Please click the link to take our VRHS online reading survey.

Wise Geek
Have a question? Get it answered on Wise Geek.

Who is behind wiseGEEK? It's one of the most common questions we receive. We are a team of researchers, writers and editors dedicated to providing short, clear and concise answers to common questions.

Check out the scrolling slides on the Home page!

Villa Rica Public Library
Villa Rica Public Library information

Click on this link to find out where your local public library is located and the hours when you can visit.

Vocabulary Mastery

This website is free for students.  Need to learn some new vocabulary words for a book you're reading in class?  Search the Vocabulary Lists to see if your book is already there.  Need to learn some new vocabulary for a class?  Create your own list. Once you have your word lists, then you're ready to compete in online games with yourself and other students.