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Testing Schedule
Posted On:
Monday, February 12, 2018
April and May 2018

Related Files: 2018_VRHS_Spring_Testing_Schedule.docx

All EOC testing will take place in the gym.
The rest of the school will run on a silent bell schedule.
Testing each day should be finished by 5th pd EXCEPT for Algebra and Geometry (4/25 & 4/26).
Students from the Cafeteria and Courtyard will be released early each morning so we can get testing started ASAP.
After testing is complete, students will return to class.  On the Math testing days (4/25 & 4/26) any student that missed their lunch shift, will be escorted to the cafeteria to get a sack lunch and report to class.  We hope to have finished testing by 12:30 on the Math test days for the majority of students.
Score reports will be available after 12 business days for Math and ELA and after 5 business days for Science and SS.  EOC scores will count as 20% of a students second semester grade.
All students taking an EOC test need to know about the online tools that are available.  All ELA classes will give the secure practice test on Wednesday, April 18th.
During the Algebra section 1 - students can't use a calculator (only 10 questions) and when they finish that section they should raise their hand to receive a calculator. Only school provided calculators will be allowed.
In order to finalize your test and receive a score students must click on Review/End test, then end test, and finally submit.

Cell phones and Apple watches will be collected.


Students may read a book after the end of the each section.
If students have the read-aloud accommodation, they may use their personal headphones during the test.
Students may bring and use a wireless mouse during the test.
During the writing portion of the ELA tests, students will need to use quotation marks to cite textual evidence.  If the chrome book does not show the quotation mark when the key is struck - they must notify a test examiner to correct the issue with the chrome book.


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