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VRHS Literary Team Competition
Posted On:
Friday, March 03, 2017

March 2, 2017

Congratulations to members of our VRHS Literary Team for their performances yesterday.  A special shout out to the following students:  

·         Hannah O'Driscoll for her 4th place in Dramatic Oral Interpretation.

·         IshMael Daniel for his 4th place in Personal Essay

·         Boys Quartet members, Jake Barnwell, Jonah Peters, Thomas Varner, and Riley Williams for taking 4th Place.

·         Grant Gurr for receiving 3rd place in Rhetorical Essay.

·         A big congratulations goes to Jake Armstrong for his 2nd place finish in Argumentative Essay.

Other members of our team included Faith Bryant, Faith Spruell, Sarah Kay, Journee Rogers, Morayo Otujo, Tristan Porter, and Brendan Porter.  Thank you to all their teachers, Ms. LaRicci, Ms. Cox, Mr. Miller, and Ms. Parker. Congratulations to all for representing Villa Rica in our region meet.


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