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STAR Student and STAR Teacher 2017
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Friday, January 20, 2017
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January 2017

Congratulations to Charlie Howard for being awarded STAR Student of Villa Rica High School for 2017!   The PAGE Foundation states: The STAR Program is designed to recognize high school seniors who have the highest SAT score in their graduating class and meet all the other program requirements.

Charlie chose Ms. Sarah Triplett as his STAR teacher.  Ms. Triplett teaches Honors Algebra 2, Honors Pre-Calc, and AP Calculus. As a special surprise, Charlie gave a star crown to his STAR Teacher.  Ms. Triplett provided insight as to what it's like to be Charlie's teacher:

I am honored to be chosen by Charlie Howard as his STAR teacher this year.  I have taught Charlie for the equivalent of three years, and he is currently in my AP Calculus class.  He is a very strong math student who likes to get everything correct. It is his goal to avoid my "minus ones and minus twos" on tests and assignments by checking over his work beforehand.  One of the characteristics that I like so much about Charlie is that he remembers processes for a long period of time.  When I am trying to link old material to new material, he is the one that normally knows the connection.  Many times he will ask "what if" and it will actually be the next example I have in my notes to demonstrate.  It is interesting how often he will guess the next step in the type of notes given in class.

 Additionally, I have known Charlie for four years because he is on my Academic Quiz Bowl Team.  Through numerous practices and competitions, I have really gotten to know him outside of the math classroom.  He is a great person, student, and friend to his classmates.  I am excited and honored that he has chosen me out of all the teachers he could have chosen.  It is truly an honor.
Charlie also provides insight as to what it is like to be taught by Ms. Triplett:
It was a privilege to have been taught by Ms. Triplett for three classes over my high school career. She has been crucial to my development as a student in the field of mathematics.She is an amazing teacher that is willing to help us but at the same time challenge us to find our own path in order to develop into a more diverse student. In addition, she is extremely kind as she has made us baked goods after a long semester of work, and she is always willing to talk to us about life and our hobbies. All of these qualities already make her an amazing candidate for STAR teacher, but once I found out she had never won it, it became my mission to get STAR student and choose her. 
Being the STAR student of my class is a huge honor as I get to represent my class to the county and state. However, it carries more meaning because my sister, Hannah Howard, was the STAR student last year, so I get to follow her in her foot steps and leave a mark on the school we grew up in. 
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