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VRHS Students Welcome French Exchange Students
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Monday, October 31, 2016
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The French Exchange students were on Campus in the mornings and afternoons during the last week of October and first week of November. On Tuesday evening, November 1st, they enjoyed a pot luck dinner in the VRHS cafeteria. Their last day at VRHS was Monday, November 7th. Many pictures were taken of their visit and of the new friendships formed between the French Exchange students and our VRHS students.  More pictures coming soon!

10 Reasons why YOU should participate in the French Exchange:
When you go to France:
1. You get to meet kids your age and make new friends, and share adventures.  French kids are really cool!!!
2. You get to spend a week or so with a French family who will share with you their home, family, friends, activities and places of interest.
3. You get to try all kinds of delicious new foods.
4. You get to visit a French High School and see the similarities and differences.
5. You get travel experience: airplanes, buses and public transportation in France.
6. You get to practice the French you are learning in class in real situations, and you get to learn "real" French, not "book" French!!
7. You get to visit castles, cathedrals, museums, old town squares, and all the modern French real life places all mixed together.  The contrast is amazing!!
When the French kids visit us:
8. You get to share your home, family, friends, activities and places of interest.
9. You get to show them the same kindness and hospitality that they show us when we are in France.
10.  You get to understand that although there are differences between cultures, there is ​​much more that we have in common!! 


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