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Harding, Glen Principal
Bias, Alton Assistant Principal
Beers, Cynthia Assistant Principal
Rogers, Seth Assistant Principal
Sewell, Amy ISC Coordinator

Aderhold, Kim Science
Arnold, Jennifer Math
Beers, Cynthia Assistant Principal
Bias, Alton Assistant Principal
Bilski, Steve English
Brown, Barbara Counselor / MOWR Coordinator
Bryant, Brianna Science
Butler, Annie Science Department Head
Butler, David English
Calhoun, Victor SPED
Campbell, Jeana SPED
Cann, Jason Social Studies
Collins, Jillian Math
Coslin, Tracey Social Studies
Cox (Bennett), Cynthia Social Studies
Crawford, Trisha SPED - Math
Crutchfield, Randy SPED
Daniel, Laura English
Daniel, Matt Social Studies
Deming, Tanya SPED
Dickerson, Laura Math Department Head
Ellis, Sumner Football Coach / PE Teacher
Evans, Laura Media Specialist
Freeman, Angela SPED / Env. Science / Biology
Garmon, Kendra Math
Hall, Tanya Registrar
Hannah, Neal CTAE
Harding, Glen Principal
Harris, Jennifer Social Studies
Hart, John Social Studies
Helton, Bianca SPED / 9th Grade Lit / Study Skills
Henderson, Samantha CTAE- Family & Consumer Science
Henson, Mallory SPED
Hubbard, Pamela Paraprofessional
Ingram, Annette ESOL
Jiles, Jamie Academy Secretary
Jones, James SPED
Jones, Vic ISS / SPED
Jordan, Carl Visual Art
Kaylor, Carol Math
Kruger, Cindy Gifted Education Coordinator
Lane, Jena Foreign Language
LaRicci, Lauren Drama
Little, Emily CTAE
Manley, Maggie English
Miles, Stephanie Science
Miller, Jennifer Foreign Language - French
Miller, Wesley English
Moses, Shayna CTAE Department Head
Murray, Aunie SPED
Norred, David SPED
Olinger, Carrie Counselor
Parker, Sarah Chorus and Beginning Piano Keyboard
Parmer, Rick Drivers Ed
Parrett, Jodi Foreign Language / Spanish
Patterson, Kellie Social Studies
Porter, Robyn Math
Poucher, John Science
Preston, Leanne SPED
Remy, Heidi Counselor
Rice, Jennifer Social Studies
Robinson, Jason Physical Education
Roehl, Daniel SPED
Rogers, Tyler SPED / World History
Rowe, Stan ISS
Rowe, Trey Science
Sauls, Rick Physical Education
Sewell, Amy ISC Coordinator
Shirley-Stevens, Renee Biology / Forensics
Skinner, Cody Health/Physical Education
Smith, Casey PE / Weight Training
Spratt, Nelson Science
Sterrett, Angela Foreign Language Department Head / Spanish
Stoyles, Nikki Math / Geometry
Sullivan, Shannon English Department Head
Summerville, Sharon Paraprofessional
Tidaback, Christina English
Triplett, Sarah Math
Trumble, David Band Director
Tucker, Emily English
Tucker, Lee English
Tyson, Elizabeth ELA - 9th & 10th grades
Valentine, Chris Math
Valentine, Terri-Lynn Math
Weber, Meacy SPED
Wiggins, C CTAE
Wilson, Chase Math
Young, Helen Science: Anatomy/Forensics
Zackery, Rico Head Football Coach / PE Teacher
Zwingmann, Christal Science

Bennett, Russell Paraprofessional
Cheely, Caroline Office and Clerical
Cheely, Temekia CIS Coordinator
Davidson, Pam Office and Clerical
Ector, Connell ISS
Hall, Tanya Registrar
Hubbard, Pamela Paraprofessional
Jiles, Jamie Academy Secretary
Kinnebrew, Pam Social Worker
Kirk, Beverly Nurse
McKay, Tinisha Paraprofessional
Moore, Michelle School Resource Officer
Phillips, Pam Office and Clerical
Ridley, Robbie Paraprofessional
Rowe, Stan ISS
Sluder, Jason School Resource Officer
Summerville, Sharon Paraprofessional
Whitlock, Linda Cafeteria Manager
Yancey, Nicole Paraprofessional
Younker, Patty School Nurse