AP Exams Online Payment for 2020-2021

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Villa Rica HS 2020-2021 AP® Exam Registration

Course tools for 2020-2021:
All students will be able to join an AP® Classroom on the College Board MyAP site where they will be able to access College Board resources and materials as well as an individualized performance dashboard to use in class and for preparing for the exam. Teachers will be able to use the resources in the MyAP AP® Classroom for assignments, classroom activities, test and quizzes. Students will log into the MyAP site at http://myap.collegeboard.org with their College Board profiles and JOIN the AP® Class with a Join Code (access code) that will be distributed by teachers at the commencement of the course. Codes are subject, teacher and class period specific.

How to register for the 2020-2021 AP® Exams:
To register for the optional AP® Exams, the following additional steps need to be completed:

STEP 1: Activate Exam - Students choosing to take the exam must log into their College Board MyAP account and join the online class (see above) and if needed, complete or update the online MyAP Registration Profile no later than November 3, 2020.

STEP 2: Submit Exam Fees -Submit payment for the exams that you will take in May 2021 by visiting http://aptsusa.com/villarica and completing an AP® Payment form and submit exam fees online or via mail in by November 3, 2020. Exams will not be ordered without payment submission. BOTH the exam fee payment AND exam activation steps MUST be completed before the applicable deadline to have a complete exam order in the system. Exams in MyAP without fee submission by November 3, 2020 will not be ordered.

2020-2021 Exam Registration Deadlines:
Activate Exam on MyAP - November 3, 2020
Submit Exam Fees at http://aptsusa.com/villarica - November 3, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I get the Join Codes to allow me to complete the process? Join Codes will be distributed in class. Please contact your AP® Class teacher to obtain the Join Code if you were absent. Join Codes are subject, teacher and class period specific. ALL students should join the online AP® Class on MyAP to enable access to the free course materials, regardless of whether or not they are testing in May.

What if I change my mind and want to add an exam later? Exams are ordered only if BOTH activation and fee submission are completed. Late Registration is possible between November 4, 2020 and March 5, 2021. Late Registration will incur a penalty fee of $40 PER Exam. It will not be possible to make any changed or additions to exam orders after March 5, 2021

What if I can't log into my College Board account? Don't create a new one! Each student should have only ONE College Board account which houses AP®, PSAT/NMSQT® and SAT® scores and information. For log in help visit: https://pages.collegeboard.org/account-help or https://myap.collegeboard.org

What are the exam fees? Exams are $100 each. Students who are eligible for fee reductions and waivers are encouraged to review details on http://aptsusa.com/villarica to know how to apply for and how to proceed with a fee reduction. All students who want to take the exam must complete the payment form even if they have $0 due for their exam.

What if you have other questions? Detailed information and registration regulations as well as more FAQs are posted on http://aptsusa.com/villarica. Be sure to review them!

2020-2021 Important Deadlines:
Exam Payment Deadline - November 3, 2020
Exam Activation Deadline - November 3, 2020

For more information and details, as well as assistance and support visit http://aptsusa.com/villarica