Welcome back to the Mac!

stadium aerial

Dear Villa Rica Community,


We are so excited for the reopening of Sam McIntyre Stadium and Benson Track on Saturday. This facility is something that our whole community can be proud of. We will be able to host a multitude of events for all ages, from football, band competitions, soccer matches and track meets. It is truly an exciting time to be a Villa Rica Wildcat. With that being said, we need your help! There are some changes that I wanted to make you aware of for the upcoming football season:

  • The only people allowed on the field during the game must have a GHSA pass, be VRHS personnel, or those affiliated with the football, band or cheer programs.

  • The community will be allowed on the field after the game as has been done in the past, but  we ask that you don’t bring drinks, gum or sunflower seeds on the field.

  • No middle or elementary students will be allowed in without a paying adult.

  • The student section will be beside the band this year. Students: No speakers, no paint, no baby powder, flour, etc will be allowed in the stadium. This is ours to keep nice!

  • We are asking that everyone be in a seat in the stadium. We want to avoid having spectators loitering in the tunnels leading into the stadium, or commons area underneath the stadium.

  • There will be 3 gates on the home side, 2 will be general admission where GoFan tickets will be validated, and one will be GHSA and Carroll County Passes only.

  • There are No Passes Out.

  • There will be no spectator parking on the practice field this year since we are getting irrigation put in. Please see the diagram on page 2 for parking information. 

  • The areas by the pressbox are used for authorized personnel only. This Saturday, the booster club will utilize one area, and the VRHS faculty will use the other.

  • We are asking that no one stand in front of the fence that is directly in front of the bleachers. We want to keep this area clear as well.

  • Parents who need to pick up High School students after the game will pick up at the front of the school in the Car Rider line.  Students will need to call parents at the start of the 4th quarter.

  • If you bought tickets for the Temple game, those WILL NOT work at the gate. You will be refunded by GoFan in 7-10 days. We have already started that process for you.

  • You will have to buy new tickets for the Rockmart game on GoFan at the following link: https://gofan.co/app/events/382146.

  • There may be some hiccups with the new stadium, parking, etc. Please have some patience with us, as we host the first event in our new facility. We don’t know where the problem areas will be. 

  • Have FUN!! This is a night of celebration for all the Wildcats that have come before us, our current Cats and our future Cats!


Can’t wait to see everyone at “THE MAC” on Saturday! GO CATS! WE ARE VR!


Seth Rogers 

Principal, Villa Rica High School

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