Final Graduation Reminders for Guests


Final Graduation Reminders for Guests

To the families of the class of 2020: Thank you so much for entrusting us with your students. We realize that this may not be the graduation ceremony that everyone envisioned, but we are excited to share this special event with your students. Thank you for being so understanding and supportive of us during this difficult time. 


  • To park in the stadium lots or on the practice field, guests must present their tickets to staff before entering these lots. Only persons with a ticket will be allowed to enter parking areas.

  • There will be 2 entrances Saturday: Entrance 1, which is the road that takes guests by the new gym and the CCA, and Entrance 3, which takes guests to the practice field.

  • There will be parking in the stadium, the gravel lot, up by the baseball/softball fields.

  • There will be parking on the practice football field, as well as in the front of the school and CCA. 

  • Unfortunately, we cannot let guests that do not have tickets in hand park either on the practice field or in the stadium lots.

  • If guests park on the practice field, they will enter into the stadium via Gate 3, under the arch and present tickets to gate workers.

  • If guests park in the stadium lots, they will present their tickets to gate workers at the drive through gate.

  • If guests walk up to the Entrance 1 gate, they will go through the walk through gate and present their tickets. 

  • All guests are encouraged (not required) to wear masks as they enter the stadium. Staff will be on hand to direct guests to seats. When guests get seated and can maintain proper social distancing, mask can be removed.

  • To mitigate congestion, all guests are to remain in their seats throughout the ceremony and await direction for dismissal once the graduates leave the field.

  • Due to social distancing and guidelines on large gatherings, we ask that once guests are dismissed, please do not enter the field or track area and report directly to your car. 

  • For other family members and friends to celebrate with graduates, there will be a high quality live stream that will be accessible for our school website. The link to our site is: 




Glen Harding, Principal

Graduation Reminders